Get Out of the Summer Heat and Under a Greencorner Umbrella

14 Jul Get Out of the Summer Heat and Under a Greencorner Umbrella

The temperatures have been hot Hot HOT this week! Florida has seen temperatures as high as 106 degrees and a person in Arizona told us that his temperature gauge in his car showed 126 degrees. In fact, if you look at a high temperature map for this week, you will see that a lot of areas are reporting temperatures above 100 degrees.

If you are an outdoor type of person, we are sure that you have felt the heat. Having a shady place is definitely not just a want but a need right now. The summer is a beautiful time of year and many resorts and hotels have gorgeous patio spaces, especially near the pool where the guests like to go to cool off but enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Restaurants also have some well-placed patio spaces their customers can relax at while enjoying great company, great drinks and great food.

Our African Mahogany umbrellas create a luxurious look to just about any environment. If you are trying to create a classy or romantic look, our umbrellas fit the bill. We carry many sizes from 6.5’ to 13’ along with many different canopy colors. Our canopies are marine quality that provide 98% UV protection along with water resistance. We can also do a mix of colors on the canopies, add valances and logos.

And don’t forget, we have our new aluminum line of umbrellas and the Affogato 7.5’ is on sale for 25% off until July 29, 2016.

Take a look today or give us a call for more information. May your summer days be filled with shade and comfort!

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