Getting Your Greencorner Umbrellas Ready for the Season: Frames

06 Apr Getting Your Greencorner Umbrellas Ready for the Season: Frames

Kit We Sell For This Care:


1 – Bottle Hope’s Tung Oil

2 – Rubber Gloves

4 – Cloths for Oil Application


Prolonged use or exposure to sunlight may gradually degrade the marine varnish. This kit is designed to help restore your Greencorner umbrella to an original looking condition and act as a sealant to protect the wood.


WARNING:This product will stain canopies, clothes and surfaces. Take care not to spill the oil, and wear the gloves! While tung oil is vegetable based and non-toxic, it can very easily stain surfaces and ruin clothes. Save the gloves between applications.


Note: There is usually no reason to reseal the ribs, as they are protected by the canopy, but in the event that you are recoating any of the umbrella ribs, we highly suggest removing the canopy first. In this case, wait 24 hours after the final coat to reaffix the canopy in order to avoid stains. See canopy removal/installation instructions on our website to see the proper way how.




  1. Pour a dollop or very small amount of tung oil onto a rag and thoroughly apply to the affected surfaces. You can overlap with any unaffected areas, as the oil will cure clear. Wipe off any excess.


  1. Let dry for 24 hours before reapplying. Three coats are recommended to produce the desired long lasting result. Reapply using the same procedure.


  1. Enjoy the shade of your rejuvenated Greencorner umbrella!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Greencorner customer support directly at or by calling (407) 851-7018!

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