Greencorner’s Modular Design

27 Apr Greencorner’s Modular Design

Have you ever gone up to a patio umbrella and looked to see how it was made? Most likely, your answer is no but if you answered yes, good for you as this is an area that many people overlook and do not realize that they are not all the same.

Many patio umbrellas are made to be disposable, meaning if something breaks, it’s time to get a new one. Greeencorner does not think this way; we believe that if we make a quality product that last years, we can stand proudly behind it.

We create our umbrellas in a modular design. Many of the parts are handcrafted to ensure its fit. By modular we mean if a part breaks, it can be replaced instead of having to replace the entire umbrella. Since a large part of our clients are in the hospitality industry, they know they are getting an excellent ROI with our umbrellas.

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