Single Wind Vent VS. Double Wind Vent

20 Apr Single Wind Vent VS. Double Wind Vent

At Greencorner, we offer two types of canopies, the single wind vent and the double wind vent. The double wind vent may cost a little more but there are a lot of considerations you should make before deciding which option is best for you.

Our single wind vent umbrellas work very well in windy weather in a more inland atmosphere. We recently had a windy day here in Orlando and I was watching one of our 6.5’ X 6.5’ single wind vent umbrellas. The trees were moving all over the place with their leaves flying through the air but it was like the umbrella was saying wind, what wind, as it barely moved at all. Of course that could be a completely different case if there was a sudden wind gust.

We recommend our double wind vent for beach areas where there is a better chance of getting sudden wind gusts. The entire idea of having a vented umbrella is so the wind will flow through the canopy instead of using the canopy to fill with the wind and lift it up, up and away.

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