SC40 Steel Composite Umbrella Base

•  Industrial-grade base featuring two-piece solid steel construction.
•  Includes adapters to fit any 1.5 to 1.8 inch diameter pole.
•  Attractive and protective powder-coated grey finish onto metallized steel.
•  Concrete filled, perfect for high-wind areas.
•  Assembly required.

High Performance Components
Exceptionally strong and durable, our steel has been used in marine construction for centuries. The higher quality metal keeps the Greencorner bases looking sharp and together for an extended period of time. For use on flat surfaces, this industrial-grade base features two-piece solid steel construction and a drainage hole. These bases are also powder-coated grey after the metallization process to reinforce the product such as added rust protection.

•  Product number: SC40
•  UPC: 806802210520
•  Width: 24 in.
•  Depth: 24 in.
•  Height: 18.8 in.
•  Weight: 100 lb.
•  Tube inner diameter: 1.5 – 1.8 in.
•  Plate height: 2.4 in.

These bases come in two boxes. Once unboxed, simply take the included hardware and screw the tube onto the plate. Note that these bases are heavier than your average base, so unboxing and moving the plate around may take two people.