Assembling Your Protective Storage Cover

This protective storage cover includes a collapsible pole to eliminate the need for a ladder. Follow the instructions below for assembly:


  1. Open the storage cover and set the collapsible pole aside.
  2. Unzip the cover (i.e. separate the two sides of the zipper completely) and find the side with the sleeve (pictured below).
  3. Assemble the collapsible pole and insert it all the way into the sleeve.
  4. With the umbrella fully closed, use the rod to guide the protective cover over the top of the umbrella.
  5. Pull the zipper on the storage cover completely closed.
  6. Do not remove the collapsible pole (as this may damage your umbrella or cover).
  7. Use your storage cover to prolong the life of your umbrella!


To remove the cover from an umbrella, fully unzip the zipper on the storage cover, use the collapsible rod (still inside the cover) to lift the cover off of the umbrella, and then remove the rod from the sleeve in the cover. Collapse the rod, fold the cover, and stow!

Assembling Your Greencorner Storage Cover