B-Series Base Assembly Instructions

1 – Base Tube1 – Base Plate

2 – Tension knobs

4 – Stainless steel hex bolts

4 – Stainless steel washers

1 – Hex wrench


  1. Select a location for your umbrella and move the base plate there, keeping in mind the dimensions of your umbrella when open to ensure clearance. Moving the base to your desired location first will make the process more manageable and minimize the chance of accidentally damaging the powder coating.
  2. Unbox the base plate and tube, being mindful of the weight of the base plate. Your hardware will be in the box with the tube. In some cases, your tube may be included in the box with your umbrella, in which case the hardware will be attached to the side of the tube.
  3. Carefully place the base plate down (orientation does not matter) and align the tube plate’s holes with the holes in the base plate. Align the washers with these same holes.
  4. Insert the hex bolts and spin them in by hand. Use the hex key to tighten the bolts in an alternating pattern until the tube is firmly attached to the base plate.
  5. Once the base is assembled, insert the umbrella into the base tube and orient the umbrella to your preferred position. Tighten the tension knobs to secure the umbrella in that position.
  6. Enjoy!