Rib Bolt Replacement Kit

Sustained wind buffeting may cause the umbrella bolts to vibrate loose over time. We recommend tightening the adjoining rib bolts on both hubs of your umbrella yearly as part of your regular umbrella maintenance. When multiple umbrellas require bolt maintenance, our 4mm Rib Bolt Speed Wrench (PN T117) can make the job quicker and easier.


Kit contents:

6 – Sets of 4mm mated rib bolts (including plastic washers)

2 – 4mm (5/32″) hex wrenches

1 – Tube Loctite 242 Threadlocker compound



  1. Ensure there is a plastic washer inserted into each side of the hole at the end of the rib. This will prevent the U-bracket from scratching the wood of the rib.
  2. Line the rib holes up with the holes in the U-bracket. If you are working on the sliding hub, it may be necessary to flex other ribs open slightly in order to match the holes on the rib with the holes in the U-bracket.
    • If your U-bracket has become misshapen, it may be necessary to bend the prongs to refit the rib. Use pliers to bend one or both sides of the U-bracket slightly.
  3. Apply a drop of Loctite onto the threads of the male side of the mated bolt. This will help prevent the bolt from being vibrated out of the rib in the future.
  4. Insert the female side of the bolt into the U-bracket and rib. Take the threaded male half and screw it in until hand tight.
  5. Finish tightening down the bolts using the hex wrenches until firmly seated.