Unboxing your New Umbrella



You are now the owner of a new Greencorner umbrella.

Please read these instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and use of your new umbrella.

  • While the umbrella is easy to handle, keep in mind its weight and the weight of the base to avoid injury.
  • When opening and closing the umbrella, make sure to clear the immediate area to avoid injury to others, damage to the umbrella, or damage of property.
  • Always close the umbrella under windy conditions.


To install your new Greencorner umbrella:


  1. Choose the location for your umbrella on a flat, even, and firm surface.
  2. If your new umbrella requires the wooden “acorn” finial installation (taped to bottom of mast):
    1. Remove and unwrap the finial taped to the bottom of the mast.
    2. While pressing a hand against the fabric to keep the grommet hole in the canopy lined up with the mast, remove the hex-bolt by unscrewing it.
    3. Screw the acorn finial into the same hole the bolt was removed from, tightening it until it touches the canopy. Leave a small gap to avoid over tightening the finial, as this may lead to fraying or tearing in the canopy.
  3. Assemble and position the base. (See separate instructions if necessary)
  4. Keep the umbrella in the closed position and place the umbrella pole into the base.
  5. Screw in the two black tension knobs on the base to stabilize the umbrella mast (you can reposition the canopy direction later).
  6. Carefully remove the storage bag or packaging to avoid damaging the product.
  7. IMPORTANT – Gently pull out all ribs one at a time to ease the opening of the umbrella. Do not force them open. Also ensure before the next step that there is enough room for the umbrella to open.
  8. To open the umbrella, locate the rope and make sure it is hanging freely next to the pole. Pull down slowly but firmly, making sure the ribs are free to move.
    1. If you encounter resistance, the ribs have not been pulled out properly. Please repeat step 7.
    2. If you continue to encounter resistance after repeating step 7, make sure that the pulley rope is not tangled or stuck.
  9. As you raise the umbrella, you will notice three holes in the mast allowing for different canopy heights. Once you have lifted the canopy to the desired height, push the metal pin attached to the sliding hub into one of these holes until the connecting ring meets the wood.
  10. Unscrew the black tension knobs in the base enough to rotate the umbrella without resistance, then position the umbrella in the direction you wish. Once in the desired position, fully tighten the tension knobs to secure the umbrella.
  11. Place extra weight on the stand if needed for stability in windy conditions – or use the holes in the base to bolt the base to a firm surface. Close the umbrella during excessive winds to prevent injury and damage.


Enjoy the shade provided by your new GREENCORNER umbrella!!!