Frame Rejuvenation Kit PN T118

16 fl. oz.


Kit comes with Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil. Gloves and cloths needed for application.


Enhances natural color and grain without leaving a glossy surface coating. Penetrates like an oil then dries to a durable solid that is resistant to water, alcohol, and oils. All natural with no additive, solvent-free and zero VOC. Use on mahogany wood of your umbrellas if the wood begins to look like it is fading or dulling as it will make the mahogany look like new once again.


Directions: Protect your skin by putting on gloves. Apply using a cloth, then allow 1 hour to penetrate. Next using a different clean cloth, remove all excess from the surface. If you need more applications be sure to apply 12 hours apart. Tung Oil dries relatively slow as it reacts with air to cure. A warm, dry, well ventilated environment is best.


Allergies: Tung oil is a tree nut product.