Greencorner Umbrella Parts List

Parts Identification

Rib (Arm)
Click Image for PN

Rib Bolt Replacement Kit
PN P116
(6 Bolts, 12 Washers,
2 Hex Keys, 1 Loctite)

PN P146 (2.25″)
PN P147 (1.8″)

Finial (Top Acorn)
PN P100

Top Stationary Hub
(available for all umbrella sizes)

Sliding Hub
(available for all umbrella sizes)

(available for all umbrella sizes)

Rope Knob
PN P101

Pole Pulley (Double)
PN P107

Hub Pulley (Single)
PN P108

Pin and Chain Assembly
PN P111

Leather Rope Strap
PN P114A

Tear-Aid Canopy Patch Kit
PN T120

Frame Rejuvenation Kit
PN T118

303 Fabric Guard™
PN T122

Replacement Canopy
(all colors and sizes are available)

 Hand Clamp
PN T116

Finial T-Nut
PN P139

Eyelet Screw
PN P109

B8 Cap Replacement

PN P110

PN P102

L-Bracket Screws
PN P103