In Ground Umbrella Base B8

Product Info

• Commercial grade base for superior wind resistance within permanent installations.
• Engineered completely in USA.
• Powder coated silver top – umbrella tube, and galvanized bottom – in ground tube for superior rust protection.
• Custom colors available for top – umbrella tube.
• Permanent flush mount installation base.
• Metal cap included to prevent water buildup in bottom – in ground tube when not using base.
• Two reducer sticks and three tightening knobs for both of our umbrella pole diameters.


18 lbs 5 oz Product Weight
Fits 1.8″ or 2.25″ Umbrella Pole Diameters
3.5″ Bottom Tube & Cap Outer Diameters (a)
2.9″ Top Tube Outer Diameter (b)
13.5″ Bottom Tube Height (c)
20.5″ Top Tube Height (d)
Approx. 25.7″ Total Height Assembled (e)

Installation Info