133 lbs Low Profile Umbrella Base B24

OUT OF STOCK – You may call 407-851-7018 or email info@greencorner.com for alerts on information on our improved re-design that will be arriving 2021. All online vendors (such as Amazon, Wayfair, etc) are out of stock as well, so if any of them shows this in stock, that is incorrect.

Product Info

B24 Low Profile Bases

• Commercial grade base perfect for high traffic areas.
• Engineered for high wind areas.
• Both metallized and powder coated for superior rust protection.
• Optional add on locking wheels available.
• Interchangeable choice of tubes for a large range of pole diameters with the use of reducer rings and two tightening knobs.



133 lbs Weight
1.5″ – 1.8″ Umbrella Poles (T12 Tube)
1.8″ – 2.25″ Umbrella Poles (T13 Tube – Standard)
23″ Square Plate (a)
0.88″ Plate Height (b)
16.63″ Height (c)

Installation Info

Low Profile and Concrete Filled Bases Install

Easy Assembly

These bases come in two boxes. Once carefully unboxed, place the plate in desired level location. Set the tube ontop of the plate, lining up the four holes. Take the hardware that was included in the tube’s box. One at a time, take one washer and one bolt to one of the four holes you lined up, washer between the hole and the screw. Use the included hex wrench to secure and tighten the screws. Repeat until all four screws are fastened.

To prepare for your umbrella, un-tighten the two black triangular grip fastening knobs and take out any black reducer rings in the top of the tube that is smaller then your umbrella pole.

Note that these bases are heavier than your average base, so unboxing and moving the plate around may take two people.

Wheel Options

These durable swivel brake wheels are intended for use with only the Greencorner low-profile bases, of all weights. Includes 4 nuts for installation.
The wheels themselves are 3″ wide. Lifts base just over 3.625″ above the ground with all four wheels installed.