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9′ Octagon African Mahogany Umbrella

Product Info

  • Solid African mahogany and stainless steel hardware construction.
  • Marine-grade canvas which is standard for Greencorner.
  • Design options including: alternating panels, valences and logo printing.
  • Built in USA. African Mahogany from Greencorner Tunisia, Africa.
  • Made with easily interchangeable parts.

African Mahogany Frame

  • Sturdy 1.8” one-piece pole.
  • 304L stainless steel hardware.
  • Water based varnish that is ecofriendly and long lasting.
  • Pulley lift system for easy use with leather strap.
  • 3 year limited warranty, just pay for shipping.

Marine-Grade Canvas Canopies

  • 5 thread stitch acrylic with 100 percent polyester thread.
  • Functional air vent for increased stability in strong winds.
  • Fade resistance with long lasting colors.
  • 98 percent UV protection (UPF 50).
  • 5 year limited warranty, just pay for shipping.


Octagon Dimensions
37 lbs Weight
1.8″ Pole Diameter
9′ Diameter (a)
8.72′ Height (b)
6.75′ Head Clearance on Highest Setting (c)
45″ Clearance when Closed (d)

Fabric Colors

Greencorner uses only the highest quality marine-grade fabric in its umbrella construction. Solution-dying locks in color to prevent fading, season after season.

Our most popular colors, usually ready for quicker to ship timeframes:

Hundreds of additional color and pattern options available from leading manufacturers, including Sunbrella, Docril and Sauleda.

Color depicted in images may differ due to difference in color settings between display devices. You may request a fabric swatch or swatch book.

Design Options

Nearly limitless combinations. Mix and match any visual representations above, or feel free to design your own and our on site designer will mock up some visual representations. We also have options such as continuous canopies, which connects the umbrellas for maximum shade coverage, and our all weather protective curtains that can be zipped onto our umbrellas customized just for you. Click here to see more options such as these.

Suggested Bases

B23 Low Profile 113 lbs Bases Main1
113 lbs Low Profile B23
B5 Anchor Mounts Small Main1
Small Anchor Mount B5
B8 In Ground Bases Main1
In Ground B8

Selecting the correct base or anchor is important for supporting your Greencorner umbrella. These recommended bases were designed with this umbrella in mind. Please contact us if you have any questions about base selection.


At Greencorner USA Inc., our umbrella canopies are sewn and umbrellas assembled all within the United States of America. Therefore our beautiful African Mahogany wood is grown in Tunsia, Africa. Most importantly, with our expansion within the USA, this allows us to do much more than we use to in the early 2000’s. Steel shaping, drilling, welding, sand blasting and powder coating is all being done on site for our umbrella bases along with our massive sewing production and our umbrella assembly. Therefore our umbrella bases have that USA hard worked craftsmanship.


Moreover, we have a lot of unique benefits to our umbrellas. First, there is our African Mahogany wood. We use solid one piece thick parts for increased integrity for decades. Also, there is a water based varnish that is ecofreindly and long lasting that gets placed on all of our wood parts. Our frames also open easily with a pulley lift system with a leather strap to avoid issues with the rope while open. In conclusion, our umbrella frames are extremely high quality and made to last.


First of all, the fabric we use is standard for any high quality patio umbrella. Therefore, it will be much better than the umbrellas you see in Walmart, etc. The 5 thread stitch acrylic with 100% polyester thread is much stronger and less see through then the cheaper competitors. In conclusion, the thicker fabric provides 98% UV protection at UPF 50 by just staying under the shade of the umbrella. Also, with how fade resistant the long lasting colors are and with the wind resistance of the functional air vent, the canopy is also made to last.


At Greencorner USA Inc., we are making all of our umbrella bases now solely within the United States of America. The bases was made in Tunisia, Africa, which is where our African Mahogany is grown for our wooden umbrellas. Most importantly, with our expansion within the USA, this allows us to do much more. Doing more in USA than just sewing and attach the canopies on as the umbrellas are ordered. Steel shaping, drilling, welding, sand blasting and powder coating is all being done on site for our umbrella bases. Therefore our umbrella bases have that USA hard worked craftsmanship.


First out of the options of bases is the low profile bases. Most importantly, these bases are now the heaviest we have ever made before starting in 2021 reaching 150 lbs. To reach the higher weight, we made it to where we have one larger plate used for both the 150 lbs and the 113 lbs, and a smaller plate to add to the to larger plate for the 150 lbs version. Also, both weight variations comes with feet, and you can buy optional wheels to use instead of the feet. Additionally the umbrellas have extra hold with the three base knobs, two on one side and one on the other side for maximum stabilization. Our larger weight fits our larger pole size of 2.25” by default, and our smaller weight fits our smaller pole size of 1.8” or a standard size of 1.5”.