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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


First of all, at Greencorner USA Inc., our umbrella canopies are sewn and umbrellas assembled all within the United States of America. In conclusion, we answer questions and have a FAQ for you. Therefore our beautiful African Mahogany wood is grown in Tunsia, Africa. Most importantly, with our expansion within the USA, this allows us to do much more than we use to in the early 2000’s. Also, steel shaping, drilling, welding, sand blasting and powder coating is all being done on site for our umbrella bases along with our massive sewing production and our umbrella assembly. Therefore our umbrella bases have that USA hard worked craftsmanship. In conclusion, our FAQ can help.

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Moreover, we have a lot of unique benefits to our umbrellas. In conclusion, our FAQ can help. First, there is our African Mahogany wood. Secondly, we use solid one piece thick parts for increased integrity for decades. Also, there is a water based varnish that is ecofreindly and long lasting that gets placed on all of our wood parts. Third, our frames also open easily with a pulley lift system with a leather strap to avoid issues with the rope while open. In conclusion, our umbrella frames are extremely high quality and made to last. Also, we support our customers.

In Conclusion
Greencorner standard fabrics are marine-grade fabric, backed by manufacturer’s 5 limited year warranty covering fabric defects that is designed to maintain its rich color and functional integrity in the most demanding outdoor conditions.

No. They are treated with a high quality, marine-grade water based varnish that is eco-friendly, and offers long lasting protection.

All of our non-galvanized bases are powder coated for long lasting added protection. In addition, the lower tube of the in ground base is created using a galvanization process to give you the best protection available.

Our umbrellas are designed for sitting between multiple tables instead of inside a single table. It will depend on the table, as most of our umbrellas would collide with most tables when being closed. Please consult with one of our experts to help you select the umbrella that will best fit your needs and desires.

Due to the quality of the material, Greencorner umbrellas are typically heavier and larger than other brands. Please contact one of our design consultants, to make sure your base is adequate (both size and weight) for your new umbrella. As long as your base is compatible, you can use your own base.

Greencorner umbrellas comes nearly fully built. After carefully unboxing, it will require by hand unscrewing temporary bolt and screwing on the finial, carefully place it in the base, tighten the base, and you are ready to enjoy your new umbrella.