Greencorner Interchangeable Parts List

Umbrella Canopy Parts:

Canopy (sizes* & colors are available)
Tear-Aid Canopy Patch Kit - PN T120

African Mahogany Umbrella Parts*:

Rib (click image for more info)
Rib Bolt & 2 Washers - PN P116 (OUT OF STOCK)
Loctite Locking Compound - PN T117
Pole - 2.25" PN P146 ; 1.8" PN P147 (OUT OF STOCK)
Top Stationary Hub (sizes are available)
Sliding Hub (sizes are available)
Rope (sizes are available)
Rope Knob - PN P101
Pole Double Pulley - PN P107
Hub Single Pulley - PN P108 (roller may be white plastic)
Finial - PN P100 (0.25″ diameter screw)
Leather Rope Strap - PN P114A
Pin and Chain Assembly - PN P111
U-Bracket - PN HW110
L-Bracket & 2 Screws - PN HW102
Eyelet Screw - PN P109

Base Parts*:

Reducer Rings - 1.5" PN P208 ; 1.8" P203 ; 2.25" P200 (Some Out of Stock)
Base Knob - PN P300
B8 Cap Replacement - PN B8CAP
Tube Attachment Kit - PN HW222

*Disclaimer: As time has progressed, our products and processes have been improved, so some parts may not be compatible with your older products. Please provide images for verification if the parts are compatible. No guarantees parts will fit for any umbrellas older then 5 years. There are no returns/refunds on parts.