Greencorner Interchangeable Parts List

Umbrella Canopy Parts:

Canopy (sizes* & colors are available)
Tear-Aid Canopy Patch Kit - PN T120

African Mahogany Umbrella Parts*:

Rib (click image for more info)
L-Bracket & 2 Screws - PN HW102
Loctite Locking Compound - PN T117
Pole - 2.25" P146 ; 1.8" P147
Top Stationary Hub (sizes are available)
Sliding Hub (sizes are available)
Rope (sizes are available)
Rope Knob - PN P101
Pole Double Pulley - PN P107
Hub Single Pulley - PN P108 (roller may be white plastic)
Finial - PN P100
Leather Rope Strap - PN P114A
Pin and Chain Assembly - PN P111
U-Bracket - PN HW110
Eyelet Screw - PN P109
Finial T Nut - PN HW139

Base Parts*: (All "Discontinued" parts for Africa bases & USA parts are not interchangable.)

Reducer Stick - PN P200
Star Base Knob - PN P300
B8 Cap Replacement - PN B8CAP (Current 2021 USA style is metal, image coming soon.)
Tube Attachment Kit - PN HW222 (Hardware per kit varies for B23 or B24.)
Discontinued Reducer Rings - 1.5" P208 ; 1.8" P203 (Limited Quantity Available)
Discontinued Triangle Base Knob - PN P300 (Limited Quantity Available)
Discontinued Resin B8 Cap Replacement - PN B8CAP (Limited Quantity Available)
Discontinued Tube Attachment Kit - PN HW222 (Limited Quantity Available)

*Disclaimer: As time has progressed, our products and processes have been improved, so some parts may not be compatible with your older products. Please provide images and/or measurements for verification if the parts are compatible. No guarantees parts will fit for any umbrellas nor bases. There are no returns/refunds on parts.