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  • The rib includes two shaped long pieces of African Mahogany of different sizes riveted together.
  • When opening an umbrella, the ribs spread out to give the umbrella its shape and hold the canopy fabric up in place.
  • Not guaranteed to work with your existing product. Contact us with measurements for verification.
  • Replacement instructions provided on our site (Support/Documents) as well as shipped with the part.
  • The tools used to replace the ribs will vary based on your already existing rib bolt hardware.
  • Note: This is just for the rib part, not the whole umbrella nor any other parts.
  • PO Boxes cannot accept FedEx or UPS ground shipments. Extra charges may apply if PO Box entered for shipping address.

Some umbrellas have more than one different sized ribs. To quickest identify which rib you need replaced, we highly suggest you measure the longest portion of the rib that needs replacing. On the rib identification page, if you look under what size and shape umbrella you have, you can also figure out which rib you need by looking at the diagrams provided. All Octagon sizes, as well as the 6.5′ Square have only one size rib, so they are marked as “All”.

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