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First of All, Greencorner

At Greencorner USA we have striven to provide the best quality in both customer service and products for several decades.

In particular, we service both B2B (hospitality and other businesses) customers and residential customers.  Consequently that is unusual for most manufacturer companies. Therefore, we focus on listening to our customers and potential customers about their needs, wants and opinions. Nevertheless, all while keeping the pushy competitive sales most companies employ out with no commissions or incentives from individual sales. Meanwhile this allows us to be flexible in our service. Therefore we can focus on each customer, no matter who they are, ensuring they receive the best quality service possible.

Often we have added more services over time to fit individual customer’s needs to make things easier for them. For example: with faster checkouts expressed, we added a store on the website. Also, hospitality customers have expressed finding the time to call in a card to pay was annoying for direct orders. Therefore we added the ability to process the card securely over email. In addition, some have expressed wanting to send images via text instead of email. Next, we then added texting capabilities to our phone system. Recently we implemented was due to customers complaining about the fluctuating shipping costs caused by Covid-19. Therefore, we initiated a permanent free shipping to all purchases within the continental USA. Also islands, Hawaii and Alaska receiving large discounts to shipping as well.

In Addition, Greencorner

Most importantly, our improvements based on customer feedback does not stop at the customer service. Meanwhile, we have continued to improve our products in the several decades Greencorner has been manufacturing based on customer feedback. In the past, our umbrella frames use to not have replaceable parts, which was improved upon over a decade ago. Also, some customers were accidentally cementing in the galvanized tube for the B8 upside down. In particular, this was unfortunately despite the instructions clearly showing which way is up. Therefore, we centered the system for the tube making either direction right side up removing the change for the mistake.

Our tubes for all of the umbrella bases / mounts (T12, T13, B5, B6, B7, B8, B33, etc.) were originally made with 2 tightening knobs on one side. Beyond, standard for all umbrella bases by any manufacturer is to have 1-2 knobs on one side. It was desired for the smaller umbrella poles to have better hold or be more centered within the bases. Therefore we added a third knob to the opposite side which is not done anywhere else. In the past, our African Mahogany Market Patio Umbrellas use to not have leather rope straps. Therefore those were quickly added when there was an esthetic question of the rope looking messy before. In conclusion, there are so many examples of little changes here and there upon our products. Therefore, we continue to update and adapt according to the needs, wants and feedback from our customers.

Therefore, Greencorner

Our website not just shows our collections of umbrellas (10 square, 8 square, 6.5 square, 13 octagon, 11 octagon, 9 octagon, 10 x 13 rectangle, 10 x 6.5 rectangle), bases and storage covers. In addition, it details out how our umbrella fabric has multiple customization options, including curtains. Also, we have a detailed support section including: instruction documentations, frequently asked questions (faq), rib identification. Our valued customers page has testimonials, featured gallery, and some of our VIP client’s logos with links to their websites. In addition, our website includes an interactive webstore with all of our products and parts available, checkout ran securely through PayPal. Also, do not worry while checking out as we uphold your privacy to the utmost importance. Our online brochure is even fun to digitally flip through as it is interactive with visual flipping of the pages.

In conclusion, we love to hear from you! Specifically, contact us for any questions or feedback you may have.

In Conclusion